Hiya, My name is Danielle Magpayo.

I go by Danielle, but others may also know me as Hannah, so don't be alarmed, I respond to both. I am an aspiring illustrator and pancake enthusiast! I don't make em, but I for sure eat em!

I'm a casual gamer who enjoys any game with a good narrative. I am also passionate about animated films and am on a quest to watch as many of them as I can. I adore cute things and may impulsively buy something because of it. 

I've been drawing ever since I was a kid and my passion for art has continued on to be something I pursue in my career. I like to doodle cute things but also love drawing imaginative worlds and monsters. While I work a lot in digital medias such as Procreate and Adobe Creative Suite, I do also dabble with traditional paints like oil, acrylic, and watercolour, cause nothing beats the feeling of a brush on canvas. I graduated Sheridan College's BA Illustration program in 2018 and aspire to work in the games industry designing new worlds, characters and assets.

Also my wee old pup is my life!


Social Media


E: dani.magpayo@gmail.com

i: @ha.da.magpayo

t: @HanDanMagpayo